Sharp knives are more efficient for both professional users and hobbyists. In simple terms, a well-sharpened knife will cut faster and deliver better results. In addition, this type of maintained knife is safer because you will not need to compensate for the dullness be using excess force. Additional force on the blade can cause you serious injuries if the knife slips. Generally, you can engage a professional to sharpen your knives. However, it is more convenient and cheaper in the long run to purchase your own knife sharpener. Here are critical factors to help you select the best product.

Manual or Electric

There are manual and electric blade sharpeners in the market to consider when shopping. Electric products are designed to make the sharpening process convenient and effortless. Basically, you will only need to insert the knife into the machine and it will be maintained without manual work. Unfortunately, the cost can be a limiting factor, especially if you do not use your blades in a professional setting. Manual sharpeners are not automated, so you will need to grind or file the knife using physical effort. This type of knife sharpener requires more skill and experience, but the cost is low for amateur and hobbyist blade enthusiasts.

Sharpening Capabilities

You should know the sharpening capabilities of your potential product before purchase. In simple terms, there are different types of knives and blades available, so some sharpeners are designed for special applications while other are general machines. Therefore, you should catalogue your needs so that you will identify the best choice. First, you should check whether the knife sharpener can handle both serrated and plain knife. This is important if you are interested in the machine for gourmet cooking purposes. If you also dabble in other crafts like carving, you should ensure that the sharpener is suited for this.

Surface Grit

The surface grit of the knife sharpener will determine the quality of the results after use. Therefore, you should always inquire about the grit level of any machine that you are interested in. A course grit sharpener is intended for heavy-duty sharpening. Basically, it is ideal for use when your blades have extremely dull edges or the knife has nicks and other inconsistencies. If your knife experiences significant damage due to heavy usage and mechanical impact, this surface is a good choice for you.

Medium grit sharpeners are more suitable for normal sharpening tasks. They can be used on fairly dull knives which lose their edge due to long-term usage. Additionally, this choice is ideal for regular knife touch-up and for refining a blade after course sharpening. There are also fine grit sharpeners and natural stones which are suitable for creating a shaving edge. These should be used with sharpening fluid for burnished edge. You should note that some sharpeners combine different grit surfaces for convenience, so consider the option.

Other Considerations

When looking for your knife sharpener, you will find numerous brands and these can be overwhelming. Therefore, ensure that you have selected a manufacturer with quality products and positive feedback from customers. In addition, you should consider the features of the blade sharpener before the price.