Official Rambo: First Blood Part II Knife Review

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The Rambo 2 knife is a survival knife built to celebrate the sequel to Rambo 1, First Blood and is intended as a last resort tool aimed at helping you weather the storm in the wastelands in the course of an unforeseen occurrence where you might have lost almost all of your major equipment. A common occurrence for allot of us!

The survival knife is based upon a design for an airman knife which was used during the Second World War as well as in Vietnam by aviators.  It was in kits designed for a set of circumstances demanding immediate action or a sudden, generally unexpected disaster. The Rambo 2 knife is otherwise known as a ‘Mission’ knife because the film was originally titled First Blood II: The Mission.

Official Rambo First Blood Part II Knife
First Blood Part II Knife

In spite of the fact that it is a tad bigger than the primary knife that was used in First Blood 1, there is no denying that they share a striking resemblance, so you may be forgiven for getting the two mixed up. The knife is 15.5 inches in overall length and features a 10-inch blade. To enable them create a quite contrasting effect, the designers made use of a black blade that has polished edges, which in my opinion works really well. The knife features a hollow handle that is wrapped in a heavy black nylon cord that has waterproof O ring, and as with the Rambo knife from the first film, it  also contains a survival kit.  The serrated blade is undeniably capable for cutting rope in addition to wood and even metal.  The survival kit contains things such as a precision compass, matches, needles, as well as hooks, so when you are behind enemy lines you’re sure to be able to navigate, set fire to things, sew up a wound and catch a fish; if you so desire.  The handle is a good fit for my hands and it feels comfortable, I don’t feel I would easily lose grip.
The Rambo knife comes with a handmade top grain black leather sheath, just as was in the movie, while a sharpening stone fits neatly into a purpose built pocket on the sheath.

rambo 2 knife survival kit
rambo 2 knife survival kit

The handle sports a unique non-magnetic, aluminium butt cap that functions as a lid, while the inside of the butt cap has been designed with a precision compass just as its outside handles a pointed metal glass breaker that looks every inch the spitting image of the one Rambo used in the movie, brilliant for as the name suggests, breaking glass. The knife’s guard features a Phillip’s head as well as a flat head screwdriver including featuring lashing holes.
The knife also features a Bowie clip point. You will find that the major portion of its blade is painted black. This officially licensed replica also sports top notch 420 stainless steel blade.
And being an officially licensed copy, this knife, just as the one which was used in the movie includes a screwed in tang build, further emphasizing its hollow handle. And because the tang is linked to the knife’s handle by only a screw, you will find it very easy to break the knife down if required for cleaning.
In all, the Rambo II knife bespeaks great quality. And as could be seen from the movie, Rambo got to sharpen his own version of the knife for the first time ever whilst travelling aboard a plane he boarded to Vietnam.  You too can do this, but probably not on a flight to Vietnam, they tend to from upon such things.

Overall I much prefer this Rambo knife over any of the other Rambo knives available.  I especially like the black body and silvered edges, it just looks cool.  That’s not to say the knife only looks good, it’s every bit the serious piece of kit.