Designed in honour of the action-movie classic, the Rambo 3 Knife comes in at 18” with a blade that is 13 inches long, while being ¼” thick and composed of 440C stainless steel. The Knife’s handle is 5-inch long. In the core of the blade, you will discover a 3 ¾” long blood sight as well as a clipped point which shares similarity to the Bowie knife. And right at the crown of the blade, you will notice a serrated edge, that is, the saw teeth, which is useful for cutting things like barbed wire.  Just don’t be letting the local farms sheep out by getting carried away. There are also 5 bevelled curves which are meant to depict the men in the star action from the movie, Rambo’s unit. The knife’s 5” handle fits the hand quite well, although it can feel like you’re wielding a short sword rather than a utility knife.

rambo 3 knife
I love my gun

To add to its eye-catching attraction, the Rambo 3 Knife is further made impressive by its remarkably compact weight, coming in at 760 grams. Especially considering the fact that it measures 18” overall and has ½” inches of blade thickness. The measurement helps make the knife reassuring when carried and you’ll always be aware of it’s presence. More than just leading to high durability, the knife’s thick blade also help boosts its strength and provides the knife with a unsurpassed utility out of all of the Rambo Hunting Knives.

Rambo III Knife
Rambo III Knife

This hunting knife is equipped with all you require for long adventures like hunting, camping or picnics?!  So whether you need to butcher a kill, split some kindling or butter a crumpet, the knife can accomplish all three and then some.

To cap it all off, the Rambo 3 Knife was designed to be distinct from its predecessors, which includes the Rambo First Blood Knife as well as the Rambo 2 knife. It is not exactly a survival knife in the same vein as the previous versions, as it does not possess the hollow handle alongside the survival items therein that the aforementioned two knives do. The idea was that lack of a hollow handle makes the knife alot stronger, to which end it is regarded by many as probably the most practical and true to form Rambo knives.
And as highlighted above, you will find that there are 5 slanting curves on the spine of the blade, which portray the men in John Rambo’s team. The big curve represents Delmar Barry, who was Rambo’s confidant.

If stabbing things is your thing, the blood slot cut in the blade is meant to help break the suction whenever the knife is stabbed into meat or flesh.  Hopefully that will be the beef brisket in most cases and not the neighbours pet mongoose or anything worse.

Rambo 3 knife with sheath
Rambo 3 knife with sheath

There is a bolt that joins the blade guard together with the handle guard and  the blade itself is covered in stainless steel guard and bolsters. The knife’s elaborate and exclusive deign makes it the most well-liked knife in the Rambo knives series.  Even though I prefer the looks of the Rambo 2 knife, this one is a favourite for practicality.
Plus, the knife does not require regular sharpening, which makes it stand out than a host of others in the same class. It is convenient and completes simple tasks like chopping onions as well as vegetables with relative ease, or you can put in a little bit much effort and start splitting wood instead without too much work.
I should also add, I love the leather sheath that comes with it 🙂

All in all this is a more serious knife in the rambo knife series and quite frankly it’s all the better for that fact.  The Rambo 3 knife will not disappoint.