Original Bowie Knife

A Bowie knife is a fixed-blade’ knife, which was first created for Jim Bowie in the early decades of the 19th century. It came to prominence when Bowie utilised it in a deadly duel that was henceforth dubbed the sandbar fight.’ Since its early variations, this knife has gone on to integrate a couple of distinctive features and characteristics. However, generally speaking, the term usually infers to sheath knives, which have cross guards and clip points.

Original Bowie Knife
Original Bowie Knife

This knife was originally meant to meet the necessity for wearable and uncumbersome close-combat weapons with heavy blades. As such, these cleaver’ like blades were highly noted for possessing sufficient weight to present enough force when conducting slashing attacks. While, at the same time, facilitating for employment of cut and thrust fighting techniques.

How did the Bowie knife come to the limelight?

The very first Bowie knife was reportedly personally designed by Jim Bowie’s sibling Rezin in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. It was also said to have been forged by a blacksmith known as Jesse Clifft from an old file. This weapon, like it was earlier stated, gained unprecedented popularity after Jim Bowie had recourse to it in an infamous duel labelled the sandbar fight in 1827. In this duel Bowie was pitted against a number of adversaries, the most prominent of whom was Norris Wright, a major from Alexandria, Louisiana. During the course of this battle, Bowie was shot, stabbed and half beaten to death. Yet he ultimately went on to win the duel thanks to this knife.

What are Bowie knives used for in our contemporary world?

A contemporary Bowie knife can be from 6” to 24” long, and can be utilised for a wide variety of purposes. Let us now take a closer look at some of the usages these knives excel.

Hunting game

Bowie knives have for many years been favourites of quite a large number of game hunters. This is mainly due to their blades’ length, which offers plenty of cutting power for skinning and cleaning game. Additionally, their comfy grip handles present hunters with the much needed dexterity when it comes to efficiently attacking those awkward’ regions of game carcasses.

Self defense and combat

These knives make for some of the most deadly weapons in existence, and their effect can be terrible when wielded by an expert hand. This naturally makes them ideal as self defence and combat weapons. Nevertheless, as with all types of weapons, you need to undergo adequate training to prevent hurting yourself when faced with an attacker.

Survival tool

A Bowie knife can be an invaluable tool in most survival circumstances. Food and shelter are normally the main issues you have to think of when you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. With such a knife, your food options can be numerous as you can use it to hunt game with it. If you require shelter while out in the wild, you can use such a knife to construct one from trees, twigs and foliage. Finally, it is important to note that there are now Bowie knives that come with saw and serrations on the back spine of their blades. This obviously makes them multipurpose knives that can prove to be very handy in survival situations.