Rambo uses different knives in each movie. Thus, various souvenir knives have been issued for each movie. The official souvenir knives have always been high-quality products. However, there have also been quite a few counterfeits on the market. Only the authentic official knives are reliably well made.

Survival knives have been around for awhile, but the first Rambo movie, First Blood, has a knife that led to an improvement of their design. The heavy blade is made of stainless steel with saw teeth cut into the top.The handle is hollow, providing a convenient waterproof stash. A compass is visible in the nonmagnetic screw on handle cap.

Official Rambo First Blood Knife
Rambo First Blood Knife

The Rambo knife: First Blood Part II is similar to the knife for the first movie. It is a somewhat larger black survival knife. The other characteristics are mostly unchanged.

Official Rambo First Blood Part II Knife
First Blood Part II Knife

Rambo III moves away from the survival knife design. The new knife is a bowie knife larger than either of the survival knives. Both the stainless steel guard and the wooden handle are solid.

Official Rambo Movie part III Knife
Rambo Part III Knife

Rambo, the fourth movie, has a fascinating plot twist involving Rambo knife. At the beginning of the movie, he has the Rambo III Bowie knife that he soon loses. He has to quickly make a new one using materials at hand. He produces a piece of spring steel into something more like a machete than a conventional knife. The rather crude but extremely effective blade has its handle wrapped in cord.

Official Rambo 4 Knife
Rambo 4 Knife


Officially licensed Rambo Style hunting knives are costly. For fans, this isn’t a problem. For anyone interested in simply a functional hunting/survival knife, it would be wise to shop around based on features instead of movie credentials.
There are some different editions of these knives. For a higher price, versions signed by Stallone, or even John Rambo can be had. It can be very difficult to tell which ones are authentic and which ones are cheap copies. After all, certificates of authenticity can be forged! This is a case where caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, is the operative phrase. Study the situation before spending your money.

When it came to movie collectibles, Rambo knife was a category of its own. The popularity of the knives that were used in this Sylvester Stallone action film series was not attributed to the fact that these were props used in the movie alone. They became even more sought after because of the story behind these knives, including how they were handpicked by Sylvester Stallone himself and how they were made by particular knife makers and how each knife varied in design in each film in the series.