A survival knife is an essential instrument you would need during any disaster and it is the key tool in any survival kit. While it’s true that you can create a blade out of stone when stuck in the wildernesses, yet nothing outruns the steel sharp edge for its quality, adaptability, and handiness. Be that as it may, not each steel blade will do in a survival circumstance. Recognising what to search for while picking a survival blade is generally as imperative as having one. In the wake of understanding this article, you will recognize what properties make up the ideal survival blade and you will have the capacity to discover one that is carefully fit for your necessities and circumstances.

Survival Knife with Flint
Survival Knife with Flint

Essential features of a survival knife:

  • Full Tang: This is one of the essential attributes of a survival knife. A solid handle blade’s tang is the handle itself and is typically wrapped or secured with some material to make it more agreeable to convey and utilize. Since the handle and the sharp edge is one incorporated piece, the odds of it breaking are exceptionally insignificant.
  • Fixed Blade: In spite of the fact that there are various folding blades, which make a superb tool with regards to in a survival circumstance, you will need to have a knife with fixed cutting edge blade. That essentially implies that the whole blade is coordinated with the handle and can’t be closed.
  • Sharp-pointed Tip: There are many reasons why the sharp point of the knife is a must. This is helpful for self-defense.
  • Reasonably Sized: The knife should be small enough to do trap making, indents for flame sheets and so forth, but large enough to do heavier assignments like cut little logs. This is clearly perfect for various individuals, and generally, the blade size varies from 4-6 inches.

Uses of survival knife:

  • As a Burrowing Tool: An all-round survival knife can serve well for a wide range of errands, for example, gathering palatable tubers, unearthing fire pits, or discarding human waste.
  • As a Weapon: In a circumstance obliging you to secure your own food, a survival blade can be utilized to gather edible fishes. With a little creativity, the survival blade can be utilized as a definitive crisis weapon.
  • Cutting Saplings: A huge, solid-handle model with a level edge can be a considerable woodcutting substitute. The design permits you to utilize a section of wood or hammer to pound the sharp edge into a log or sapling. This method is usually known as batoning.
  • As a Medical Aid: The tool is useful in emergency treatment as in essential campground routines. It’s helpful for cutting plasters or bandages and other urgent medical aid.
  • As a Hammer: The butt end, or knob, of the survival blade handle, is a hammering instrument on its own and convenient for driving in stakes for protection or traps.
  • For Producing Fire: Speaking of flame making, a survival blade permits you to excoriate out strips of bark from a branch to create tinder and touching off a flame in any condition. A survival blade can likewise be utilized to strike your Ferro cerium rod while sparking tinder.