Rambo Knife: Official Rambo First Blood Knife Review – Everything you need to know

First off, this is a review of the official HCG First Blood Stallone Signature rambo knife edition knife, it’s not a cheap Chinese knockoff.  It’s worthwhile getting the real thing as having had both I can tell you that the quality is far superior.

Rambo Knife Design

The design of the Rambo Knife from First Blood is based upon the survival knife used by Sylvester Stallone’s character in the movie at the time of the Vietnam War.

The knife is top quality that is every bit built for function as it as for being a knife based on a film prop, in that thought that, should your plane go down, and you could find yourself anywhere, especially behind enemy lines, where you could be stranded somewhere quite remote, and so will need to live on for days before rescue arrives. In this entirely possible scenario, you need something that could aid your survival. With this in mind, the Rambo One Knife (First Blood) was built to be big, sturdy and functional, as such it includes a survival kit in order to help ensure that you survive the situation described above. The survival kit consists of needles, surgical knives, matches, fishing lures as well as thread among other necessities which will no doubt come in handy often.

Rambo Knife Survival Kit
Rambo Knife Survival Kit

The knife is produced from stainless steel in addition to its being painted along with a sand-blast gray. The Rambo Knife compass is located on the bottom of the knife. And as it is within the pommel and screw on cap, which means that you can still make use of the pommel. The knife’s handle, is wrapped in heavy OD green nylon cord. And within the handle, you will find a waterproof sealed compartment which contains the survival kit mentioned earlier. The blade guard on its part even possesses a Phillips screwdriver that is found on one end just as a flat head screwdriver is fitted on the other side.  So if you need to tighten some screws when behind enemy lines, the knife had you covered.

Rambo knife
If you need a screwdriver while being enemy lines this knife has you covered.

And just like it is in the movie, this very Rambo 1 knife replica’s sheath has the exact sort of sharpening stone that can be found in a small leather bag on the front. Suffice it to say that the designers thought of everything, because the survival kit was even equipped with a “Survival Kit Silencer” that helps forestalls noise that might occur as a result of the survival kit dangling in the knife’s handle. The knife’s packaging is really top notch with upscale materials, which makes it undoubtedly high quality in every sense of the word. It also features custom EVA foam that has been inserted; this is done in order to ensure that the knife does not move much, even in transit. In addition to this, the knife is very sharp, trust me, so be careful. And on top of its blade are the 12-saw teeth which can be employed in cutting meat, wood, barbed wire and even metal. 

Rambo knife
Easily cuts paper

In the movie, 14-saw teeth where employed, the knife’s designer decided instead that some replicas should be produced with twelve teeth rather than the 14-saw one that was used by Rambo in the movie. The thought is that the number of knife’s teeth represents those four years that Rambo spent in the army as well as the eight male members of his team. 

The finish on the knife is excellent, from the grinds to the finishing, and right down to polishing, although you might first notice its size and weight due to its being a 14-inches knife, which is definitely huge by any standard. The knife has exceptional attention to detail, so much so that it looks as though someone finished the detailing with aid of a microscope, ensuring that it follows the exactness of the original Rambo knife. You only need look at the fitted screwdriver found on the blade guard in addition to the additional flared bevel that is at the tip of the knife in order to admire the level of detail which has been put into making this knife. There is no arguing that everything relating to the knife’s fit well as finish was obsessively done completely and perfected. Attention was paid to every detail found on the knife. It is indeed an excellent knife and well worthy of a place in any collection.

Official Rambo First Blood Knife
Rambo Knife

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